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New baby arrived and 10 year old throws tantrums: what to do?

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That sounds like a case of jealousy, and if the 10-yr-old has been an only child up to now, that makes sense. Maybe the 10-yr-old could help with the baby.

Maybe a feeling of being a big helper (plus many thanks from mom for being such a big help) will overcome the jealousy.


I think it's important to NOT bunch them together.. To tell your older child no matter how old they are, that they are special because of... and that this role they play as an older sibling makes you respect and love them more.. that you NEED them ... they will rise to the occasion.. Take the time out to make them feel special again.


My oldest daughter was only 3 when my 2nd child arrived but she did throw a HUGE tantrum right there in the hospital!!

I comforted her and reassured her that My love for her doesn't change at all, and that everyone in our family is loved the same.

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New baby arrived and 10 year old throws tantrums: what to do?
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