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How to break pacifier habit?

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My mom was the one watching my daughter when I went to work, and I knew that when she was with grandma, she had the paci with her. I tried to limit it to only bedtime, but my mom would always cave and let her have it all day. Just before her third birthday, I finally said no more. I told Clara she was a big girl now and that she didn't need it anymore. She definitely didn't throw a fit, but she was sad. After a few days of missing it a little, she never asked about it again. She quit cold turkey and survived. I've heard of parents who say wait until they're ready but I'm sorry, that could be 5-6 years old! And that's just unacceptable, at least for my daughter. 3 was plenty old enough! Sometimes you have to step in and intervene. I wouldn't be mean about it, but if your child is as old as mine, sit down with them and just let them know that they are big kids now and don't need it. There's a great Sesame Street video too online about Elmo and his binky. It's called Bye Bye Binky. It's a very cute video and can help toddlers understand why they need to give it up.

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How to break pacifier habit?
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