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How do you feel about children sharing bedrooms?

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I like the idea of my kids having their own rooms. At the moment with number two on the way and not wanting to get rid of our guest bed, the nursery will also be a guest room so when family comes to visit we'll be in there with the baby.


I have 14 children with #15 on the way. All of my children share rooms, I have 5 in one room, 2 in three rooms and 3 in one room.


I think there is nothing wrong with sharing a bedroom with siblings I had to share bedroom with my 2 brothers and my sister until i was 19 yr old ( it's crazy but my mom did the best she could on other things so sharing a bedroom wasn't as bad)


Well we have 6 boys so they all have to share rooms . I think for the most part it has been good for them .


Each of my kids for the foreseeable future will not be sharing a room. They hardly spend any time in it anyways but I believe rooms are for sleeping and quiet time.

There is nothing wrong with sharing a room but sometimes kids, especially older ones want alone time without being bothered by siblings.

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How do you feel about children sharing bedrooms?
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