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How to keep your house clean if you have babies

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Im a single parent, I have an 11yr old and an almost 3 month old, so I have no choice but to do pretty much everything. Now that my daughter's older she handles keeping her own room clean but I do everything else. Honestly babies sleep a lot so I don't find it difficult to do simple things like wash dishes or sweep, etc while he's sleeping. I've never done the whole sleeping while baby sleeps thing lol, not necessary. at least with my son, he sleeps pretty much all night and has for about 6 weeks. If he's awake and I have to do something like shower, he sits in his little rocking chair while I do it and plays with the hanging toys. If i have to do something like laundry, I have to go to a laundromat so I either bring him and he sits in his infant car seat, or I have a baby carrier and wear him. I don't worry about keeping it super clean or anything, as long as there are clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to eat on and Im not constantly tripping over stuff I think it's clean enough till he's older lol


My husband does the laundry, I do the dishes when my mother or husband is home to help watch my baby. The house work isn't important, Do quiet things while your baby naps. Remember they don't stay little for long so forget about the house work until they're able to walk! My daughter likes to dust with me. Also try wearing your baby to do some house work.


How to keep your house clean if you have twin babies or more than one child under the age of three: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAH


We don't clean our house we're fortunate enough to have a maid. But I know many people don't have this luxury so I'd imagine to clean when baby is sleeping. If you have older kids maybe have them help out.


I found it best to literally set a timer and make myself work for 10 minutes. It all seemed so overwhelming when the kids were little and the timer helped me focus on one thing at a time.


Keep a schedule and have a deep cleaning day once a week

Clean out your kids closet every season

Make the bed as soon as you get up


You can't risk your health.Everyone is ganna want to see the baby.Don't be afraid to ask for help.I know after my 1st I had a lot of stiches from my episiodomy,So cleaning was impossible.Thank god for our mother's at that time.Even our church.People Know you just had a baby and are very willing to help.


the main thing that I do is I keep myself organized, I organize everything as it comes into the house and keep things in one area. I have the kids help pick up now that I have older kids, my oldest is 14.

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How to keep your house clean if you have babies
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