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How to stop fighting in front of children

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infact some kids use to cry if they see you quarreling its good u dont fight in their presence


Me and my husband do not argue. Seriously...we have never had an argument, never raised our voices to each other, it is just not something that we do. We are both pretty laid back people and neither of us sees the point in bringing something to the point of an argument. We do however get annoyed or upset with each other, I mean we are far from perfect. But we know each other so well that we know when the other one has reached that point of being annoyed. We do whatever we can to give each other the time and space they need to relax, which is normally not long. We are never afraid to say we are sorry if we know we have done something to upset the other one, and we do apologize in front of the kids. The apology is always followed with a hug and kiss. We do the same when we are annoyed with the kids so why not each other?
We teach them through example that there really is very little in life to argue about. And the things that are important enough can be talked about calmly and without anger or raised voices.


If we start having an argument in front of the kids, one of us usually says, "we'll talk about this later." It actually helps. It gives us both a chance to cool down, think about the situation, and have a rational conversation when the kids are asleep.


If your kids do witness an argument I think it's super important for them to see a resolution. To show them that you two love each other still and even during a fight. That one or both apologizes and hugs and then they can see it pass and love again.

It can teach them humility and strength in knowing you don't have to be right and that saying sorry isn't a weakness.

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How to stop fighting in front of children
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