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Safety tips for children swimming in pool

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Always have an adult present even with older children cause they can tire out of get a muscle cramp and drown with no one around. Don't have any rough play in the pool. Use sunscreen. Give them a time limit to stay in and then have them come out and rest for a bit. My two would stay in the pool the whole day if I let them. If your child likes to play in the deep end but is not a good swimmer make sure they that a fun noodle or something to float with


I think an adult should be with a child no matter what age. My children have taken swimming lessons for years but I still sit with them. You never know if a child is going to go under and have a hard time coming up. The water is no joke. Even as an adult I always swim with someone.


The number one thing to remember is that ALL kids are in danger around water. Even kids that know how to swim. That means kids need to ALWAYS be supervised around water. Kids can drown in 2 inches of water.


NEVER leave them alone. My mom didn't let us go swimming at our swimming hole by ourselves until we were much, much older, like teenagers. She always went with us, unless we were camping at a campground that employed a life guard then she'd let us go on our own.

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Safety tips for children swimming in pool
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