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Breastfeeding and pumping tips

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After I had my daughter, I returned to work after eight weeks, and I pumped breast milk at work for the next close to eleven months.

To keep up my supply, I had to pump three times a day for five minutes after my last letdown.

I had a double electric pump by Avent, and I would recommend it, although I don’t believe they make the exact same model anymore. Because I didn’t have a refrigerator to keep my milk and pump pieces, I had to bring my own cold packs and wash my pump pieces every time.


Nursing on demand rather than on a schedule worked best for me.

Eating lots of green leafy vegies, oatmeal, and healthy fats.

I drank fennel tea, water, and oatmeal water as well.

Getting stressed affected my supply with my first babies.


I starting pumping when my daugther was about 6 weeks old and pumped twice during the day and then during the night (she is a great sleeper, so I needed to empty them!). This allowed me to build up stash, which has come in handy many times.

When pumping at work, you need to keep a regular schedule, keep hydrated and eat enough to maintain your supply. The days I get off schedule or when I've gotten sick, I pump less and I'm glad I have that stash at home.


The more you breast feed your baby the more milk you'll produce.

While pumping try to relax and find a quiet place. It might help to massage your breasts or use warm compresses. Drink plenty of fluids.

Don't smoke - Smoking can reduce your milk supply, as well as change the taste of your milk and interfere with your baby's sleep.


My first tip would be to wait until he's at least 4 weeks old. Mostly just because you don't want to overstimulate your boobs and end up with an engorgement issue. As your body figures out how much to make it's not as big of an issue. My second is that you can't really use a bottle INSTEAD of nursing. If the baby is drinking a bottle you need to be pumping at the same time so you're body knows when it needs to make milk. That said, in the early days 10-15min of pumping instead of 30-40 min of breastfeeding wrestling did seem like a nice break

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Breastfeeding and pumping tips
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