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Where can you find baby proofing without screws

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There are lots of store that offer baby proofing without screws. Amazon, Walmart, Target, BabiesRUs. Be sure to read reviews on these products as they may leave marks on walls and such. Most pressure mounted gates are not nearly as sturdy at wall mounted gates and such. I would evaluate your need and where you plan on putting the gate before you decide on pressure mounted vs mounted gates.


Rhoost.com has some really pretty babyproofing items that don't use screws. I haven't personally used them, but I have worked with the owner before.


i know there are adhesive structures and magnetic ones... but not sure how well they work...Also the baby gates that pressure mount are great too! But alas ... the screws do hold the best

a long time ago

*If you have tables and other furniture with sharp corners and edges, purchase plastic edge covers to place over them.Electrical outlet protectors are a MUST - these were not around at the time my 1st child was born, and I really wish they would have been.If you're a homeowner, adjust the temperature on your hot water heater. This is in case Baby gets a hold of the tub faucet knobs.

a long time ago

The number one areas I really baby proofed our home is under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.We also put in electrical socket covers.With one child we had to put door knob covers over the front door and garage door so they would not escape out of the houseWe would close the bathroom doors once baby was on the move.

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Where can you find baby proofing without screws
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