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What are your breastfeeding horror stories?

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My son had an improper latch, I was told in the hospital his latch was fine.. No lactation consultant lived close enough and I was told over the phone some pain was common. I was engorged with a bleeding nipple and was told to pump to let it heal, that just made things worse. By six weeks I had a nipple that a scab would be sucked off every time he nursed. The OB took one look at it, prescribed me Dr. Brown's All Purpose Nipple Ointment and sent me to a lactation consultant. She showed me the football hold, we fixed his latch.


Honestly, biting around eight months was the worst thing that happened for me. I have been pretty lucky that my daughter took to nursing and bottle-feeding expressed milk pretty easily.

I did struggle with supply and pumping for about a year because I never was able to create a back-up supply, so I what I pumped was almost always used the next day. That was stressful, but we got through it.

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What are your breastfeeding horror stories?
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