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Good bottles for a baby with colic

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Dr. Brown's I know are wonderful for colicky babies. They have a tube inside that vents a lot of the air out, causing less air to go into their intestines. It also helps with acid reflux, causing less spit up. My son has acid reflux and the Dr. Brown's aided with that.


In my 1st pregnancy I notice that my son was getting colicky due to the Avent bottle so I try different bottles and it got worse now with fuzziness and spit ups ( I switched formula at least 4 times) until I tried Dr. BROWN'S bottles and now I am on my 3rd child and these bottle are a most!!! Plus burping the baby after every ounce and not laying the baby flat on the back if not just lay them on the side!


I have found that the best way to help a colicy baby who bottle feeds is to hold them somewhat upright when feeding and burp them often during their feed. I have not found any bottles that help much with the colic but burping a lot was most helpful for us.

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Good bottles for a baby with colic
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