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Tattoos: Children's names, footprints, and more

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i have two tattoo of my older boys names with footprints underneath. im going my youngest this month. i also have a pruple star with vines with their intials.


I have a few tattoos (they each represent a person in my life) and I would love to get one that represents my daughter. I just don't know what I would do yet. Maybe I'll just go simple and just get her name and birthday.


I have a tattoo on the back of my neck with a dual meaning: It's an alto clef. It's also called "viola clef" because it's the clef that the viola is played in. I play the viola, so that was one reason for getting it, but another is that Viola means "Violet", which is my daughter's name. Right now it's just the clef, but I plan to have it touched up and embellished with some vines and a little violet next to it.


I want a tattoo for my kiddos but I need ideas I want one for all 3 of them. Shoot me ideas if you have any that isn't common I like things you don't see everyday.


I have a memorial tat of my 1st daughters footprints w her name and date in a flower banner and my 2nd daughters footprints with her name and birthday and her father has there handprints.


I have my kid's names for one of my tattoos. I have three tattoos all together.


I have five tattoos.

A cross with Austin 2001 in memory of him.

A halo with angel wings with Austin his birthday and angel day.

A baseball bat/baseball with Ronny and his birthday

I plan to get a rose with a pearl in the middle of it with Willow and her birthday eventually.

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Tattoos: Children's names, footprints, and more
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