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Causes of children's rotten teeth

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Isubscribe to some of the more borderline “hippie” sorts of theories, personally. That, and I've also read from lots of moms on here that letting breastmilk, juice, or formula coat the teeth or gums and remain there for an extended period of time can rot baby teeth because they are so soft.

And don't get me wrong... I'm sure other processed sugars and acids will wear tooth enamel too. Like Mountain Dew, lol.... But from what I've read, past the baby baby tooth stage... I personally believe PROCESSED foods are the culprit.


There are many causes for a child having rotten teeth; first it could be the food/drink choices being offered. High acidy fruit drinks, soda and sweets can really cause rotten teeth.

Also, there is a genetic part of it - where your family could have a history of bad teeth just due to having soft teeth overall.

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Causes of children's rotten teeth
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