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Best makeup shades for brown haired moms

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It really depends on what kind of look you are going for! In cosmetology school, they teach you to stick with nice neutral tones during the day, and for brunettes, I would recommend different colors based on your eye color, not your hair color. if you have blue/green eyes, any brown-based shades will compliment. If you have brown eyes, you can use blues/purples/greens to really make your eyes pop!!!


I'm a big fan of L'Oreal's Onesweep Eyeshadow for brown eyes. I love the form--there's one big foamy brush that does the contouring of shades for you. I like it, because most of the time, I'm putting my makeup on in the car or on the train, generally on the run. I just don't have the time to spend on makeup anymore, but this product still helps me to look "done."


I am a brown haired mom and my coloring is more taken to coral shades than pinky shades... but the main factor is going to be skin tone...are you fair or darker? That also plays a role!

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Best makeup shades for brown haired moms
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