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Constipated during pregnancy what can i take

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- boost the fiber in your diet, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain bread and cereals

-increase your fluid intake by making sure you drink at least 4 pints=2 liters of water per day.

-exercise regularly. As little as 20 minutes walk each day can help relieve constipation

bulking laxatives such as Metamucil or FiberAll are effective because they contain complex sugar compounds, which the human gut cannot digest.


I had both constipation and hemorrhoids. The worst experience ever. So uncomfortable. I also got an abscess during one of my pregnancies that I thought was hemorrhoids that ruptured. It was in the same spot I had hemorrhoids earlier in my pregnancy and at first felt the exact same way. The most painful thing I ever experienced no lie. Always have your doctor check them out even if its not your first time having them during your pregnancy.

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Constipated during pregnancy what can i take
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