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Help for constipation in breastfed babies starting solids

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If your baby is constipated when you've just introduced solids and are still breastfeeding, try to cut back on the amount of solids and add breastmilk to thin out the solids. Also try introducing pears this will help their bowel movements and continue to breastfeed while introducing new foods. Rub their belly counter clockwise and move their legs like they're riding a bicycle.
An example of a feeding schedule for baby: Breastmilk in the morning when they wake up, then what you have started with for solids (such as peas, sweet potatoes apples pears) Thin out the pureed food with some expressed breastmilk, make sure its a small portion, then nurse again before their nap if they're still hungry. At 6 months old baby doesn't need to have 3 meals of solids try only doing one meal like breakfast or lunch. Once their appetite grows you can feed them more and bigger portions.

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Help for constipation in breastfed babies starting solids
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