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Newborn baby constipation while breastfeeding

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My daughter had newborn constipation while breastfeeding. She was my first born so I was so scared! The pediatrician had me use enimas for her. I remember having my Gram come over and do it because I just couldn't handle it. I do recall it did get better in time :) I think it is normal though, just always be sure to discuss any concerns with your pediatrician, they are usually really understanding and happy to reassure you or lend tips to help!


Breast milk is so nutritious, sometimes almost all of it is absorbed, leaving little to move through the digestive tract. Stools may come only once in a while, perfectly normal breastfed infants may only have a bowel movement once a week. If your baby has a hard time making BM, has hard stools, has bloody or black stools, seems uncomfortable, or doesn't have a BM at least once every 5 days, if your baby seems to be in pain or you have any concerns, call your doctor.

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Newborn baby constipation while breastfeeding
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