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Thoughts on photo contests for babies

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I think as a baby it's no big deal, back when I was younger my parents put my sister into a photo contest only because the facility taking the photos was having some contest. There was no harm in it if done occasionally, what I don't like about baby photo contests is when the parents are pushing things that they wanted to be a part of on their babies and children. Meaning, if you are entering your baby into a photo contest to fill a void inside of you, then that is wrong.

Just an occasional baby photo contest is no big deal, the natural baby contests can be fun on occasion. I cannot jump on board for those who take photo contests to the extent of beauty pageants as that's not something I personally can stand behind. I say, go for it, on occasion, it can be fun when babies just once in awhile.


I personally do not like photo contests for babies. A lot of them online are scams. I don't think that babies or anyone should be judged on cuteness. Cuteness is all in the eyes of the beholder. I think that all babies are cute and they shouldn't be in contests. A lot of photo contests are voting contests which people with the most friends win. People don't actually look at the photos and vote for the cutest, they vote for who they know or who their friend or family member knows.

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Thoughts on photo contests for babies
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