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Is it worth the cost to bank cord blood?

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After looks at all the research and the odds of the banked cord blood ever being able to help my child we decided it wasn't worth it. I would have loved to donated the cord blood for anyone to use but that wasn't an option for where we lived. We ended up doing delayed cord clamping and letting the baby get all of their own cord blood that belonged in their own body anyway.


We tried to donate, but the sites we tried weren't accepting for our due month. After much discussion we decided it was something we wanted and that it would be worth it overall to try. We found an affordable plan, did what we needed to qualify, and I just received my kit. I can't think of a better gift for my baby, or his/her siblings then a second chance should anything happen. We did a lot of researching before we decided to, and talked to consultants from different companies. Cord Blood Registry was the choice for us because it had the most affordable plan.

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Is it worth the cost to bank cord blood?
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