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How to get rid of cradle cap on babies

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The article is right, it's very stubborn and doesn't come off easily when you're picking at it. I have baby oil to get rid of it, it's the finding the right time to do it. Thankfully, unlike the lady who wrote the article, Willow's head doesn't smell where the cradle cap is.


To get rid of cradle cap our doctor told us to use original listerine, smells strong but worked well, then just wash out with water. I then used olive oil as a moisturizer for a couple weeks, we just use aveeno baby shampoo now.


I never got rid of it with mine completely. They outgrew it. I was naughty and picked at it with a baby comb and brush. My hubby would get after me....but the stuff bugged me!


My son was getting severe cradle cap. I started using others' tips on how to rid it, to no avail. I found the baby oil in gel form works the best because it keeps the head moist throughout the day, and it isn't messy. I also use a fine toothed comb to gently comb it out, also rubbing a cloth with the baby oil gel on it on the bald parts of the head helps it come off easier, without hurting the baby.

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How to get rid of cradle cap on babies
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