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Crawling/walking age for your babies

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Payton began try crawling about 5 months, she started standing around 7 months and took off full fledge walking when she was 9 months. Madilynn began crawling before she was 6 months, now at 7 months she is standing up using furniture for balance , and she is beginning to dabble in "furniture walking" I would have to say her driving force in being mobile so quickly is her older sister, Madilynn just wants to get up and go after Payton so bad.


My baby seems to have missed crawling stage all together. She started sitting at 4 months standing at 6 months and furniture cruising at around 8 months. Her ped at 9 month check up told me she will start walking in couple of months. From 6 months on I could see she just didn't seem to want to crawl instead tried to stand up. What helped her most in learning how to walk ? I would say her bright star stationary activity center and her evenflo playpen. Also her daily exercise of standing on her own for as long as she could while holding on to her train table (post 6 months).


Honestly, I think the milestones are just kind of a guideline of what we know our kids will most likely be doing, but as for when.

My son never crawled. He'd do this army scoot thing for like 3 weeks and then just got up and started running.


I was alarmed when I read about developmental milestones for 6 month olds; physically I think my son is not there. He is not trying to crawl. He scoots a little and lifts his head during tummy time, but often tries to go to sleep after about 10 minutes. He is not trying to stand on his own at all.


My first was 5 months when she started scooting in a circle and walking at 10 months. Others were 7-9 months crawling and 12-16 months walking.

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Crawling/walking age for your babies
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