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Should I put my baby in her crib or use a bedside co-sleeper?

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Get a bedside sleeper. Mine goes from bedside.


If your using a bassinet or side sleeper those work great to keep baby close in the first 6 months especially for midnight feedings and to hear them if they awake from a dirty diaper. We have her crib in our room (1 bedroom apartment) so it's easy to take care of her in the night, some times we co sleep if i'm really tired and its after 5 in the morning, it helps to get some extra sleep. I don't recommend co sleeping until their older than 6 months or if you have a side sleeper, also use a bod pillow while holding them when you co sleep, it works great and less chance of you rolling over or them rolling out of bed.

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Should I put my baby in her crib or use a bedside co-sleeper?
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