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Toddler mattress vs crib mattress

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When my children transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed, they used the crib mattress in their toddler bed. There was no other option for a mattress to fit a toddler bed at that time, maybe they have that option now?

I think it's best to save money using the same crib mattress if it's still in good shape for when your child starts to use a toddler bed.

If you are switching your toddler from crib to a real twin size bed, then a twin sized mattress is best.


I have never heard of a toddler mattress. With our toddler beds, we used a crib mattress, the same one we used in their cribs actually.

A toddler bed holds a crib mattress perfectly as it is the same size, just a different configuration. I would not invest in something different unless your crib mattress is in bad shape.

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Toddler mattress vs crib mattress
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