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Should babies be allowed to "cry it out"

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I am pro CIO I think if you've tried everything and double checked everything then crying it out is the only option left. My son has been so exhausted and upset he cries out of discomfort. Also absolutely I want to hold him every time he cries but that isn't healthy for anyone he needs to learn to self soothe and that he won't always get his way. He is such a good boy though I know some moms whose babies cry themselves to sleep every time they lay down for a nap. I'm not sure if CIO at 3 months old has any influence on my sons sleep habits but he hardly ever cries anymore as soon as he's in his crib he knows it's bed time and if he doesn't feel ready he lays in there and talks to himself no crying


All my children were sleep trained this way.


I let my son cry it out after he was 6 months old. But not to the point of exhaustion so he stopped. I would let him cry for 10 minutes, go in, NEVER PICK HIM UP, place him laying down in his crib and rub his back until he settled down. I would walk out, and let him go 15 minutes this time. he never went more than 15 minutes, sleep through the night now, and knows he is loved, so no damage done!


I have a video monitor and can see that he is okay. BUT if he keeps crying for more then 10 min I go in cause there has to be something wrong. You know you baby and know their cries... most of the time he is fine but every now and then ther is something wrong and he needs a hug or just a little reasurance... it wont hurt anything to go in and love him cause before you know it he will be to big and not want your hugs... :(


I think it depends on the child. BABIES should of course be cared for but once the child reaches an age of greater awareness, such as the toddler years when tantrums may be an issue, then it might be worth considering.

My son could never cry it out. He would just keep going and get himself more and more upset. My daughter, however, can cry for a few minutes and will eventually self soothe. Bed time is a time when tantrums were unavoidable for either child. My son took hours to get to sleep because he is so strong willed. My daughter gets mad, but lays down and accepts that there is no getting out of bedtime.


I'm a pretty firm believer that if a baby cries it is for a reason. Yes, attention is a reason, but how can you deny a baby that wants you to snuggle him/her for five extra minutes before sleeping? Every parent is different, and I do not criticize others for their parenting choices.So if CIO works for you, have at it. But for me and my own personal choices it wasn't in the cards.


it's definitely hard to hear your baby cry buts it's so worth it at the end. My son slept in my bed until about he was 9mos and that's when we decided we had to do something bcuz I was pregnant and do soon. It took 2 weeks for my son to fall asleep without crying, now he's a pro. I will be doing it all over again with my other son

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Should babies be allowed to "cry it out"
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