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How to use the cry it out sleep method

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We used a variation of the Cry It Out method, it isn't for everyone. We set a time say midnight or 1 and said we would not feed her unless it was past that point in the night, if she woke up before we would let her cry. If she got very very upset we would go in and rock her or pat her until she calmed down, place her back in her crib and walk out. Then we'd move that time up closer to morning as we went until she wasn't taking bottles at all until morning.


I did some research online and I found out that at 9 months they are experiencing object permeance. Basically she is understanding that I'm leaving now and she is worried I might not come back. To get her back to sleep I do the CIO method. She cries pretty hard for about 2 minutes and then lays back down, finds her pacifier, and goes back to sleep.


I feel like people think cry it out means you leave the baby alone in the room to scream until they eventually pass out. That's not true at all. CIO is a method where you give a child a little space to calm themselves down. Only a few minutes at a time AFTER you make sure there are no outside factors disturbing them like gas or hunger. Usually a child isn't left to cry for more then 5-10min at a time between rocking and cuddling.

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How to use the cry it out sleep method
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