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Simple ways to make your children feel special: cuddling

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We always hug and kiss our kids and tell them how much we love them and a lot of times we will all pile into bed to snuggle and watch a movie. We also spend time together, have dinner at the kitchen table and talk about what's going on with everyone. We also pick up little things for the kids that they will like. Buy them a new phone case and you would think you gave them gold


We dont do so much of the cuddling as they are getting older, but I am on my phone alot with work and they get so mad about that. So when I take time out to play football or basketball with them and my husband it makes them feel special. So i would say get out there and play with them. Put the phone away and play.


David and I have specific cuddle and snuggle time with James. James is always with me, so when David gets home and changes out of his work clothes, James runs to him and wants up. David usually sits on the couch with him and they both snuggle up and watch tv together.


Cuddling with children certainly helps them to feel special!

Even with my older ones, just giving them some special type of expression of love and adoration lets them know how loved they are and how special they are to you.


With each of my children, I have always rocked them to sleep, sang to them, and cuddled with them in my bed until they fell asleep. I have always been a working mom, so I wanted to treasure, cuddle and make them feel loved since I worked so much.


My older girls and I have kept a "Pass it on Journal" where we pass a journal back and forth in conversation or story style depending on our "mood".


We often have one on one time with our children... whether it is a special outing or just some cuddle time! Anytime is special!

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Simple ways to make your children feel special: cuddling
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