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What is a cure for baby eczema

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Ah eczema!

Honestly, there is zero cure.. but it can be treated, managed and helped.. Actually this question is perfect timing because once we got back from the beach, Monroe had a tiny red spot on his leg, on the back.. it felt different and I actually assumed it was eczema.. so a few days later while we were already at the doctor's.. I inquired about it.. low and behold.. an eczema patch! I asked him what I should be doing for it.. but he actually just said to keep doing what I am already doing. We bathe Monroe nightly and then apply lavender body lotion all over his cuteness.. he loves it and the doctor always comments how smooth and soft his skin is.. awesome! So he simply said to keep our routine up, that eczema can come and go.

You can also inquire at an allergist if eczema seems to take over your baby's body.. they have lotions, creams, ointments, etc!


There is no "cure" but there are ways that it can be managed with topical medications, oral medications, diet, and practices of clothing and skin ccare.

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What is a cure for baby eczema
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