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Are computer games safe for toddlers?

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I just finished a 15 page research essay on this topic. I believe that computer games are beneficial to a toddler in moderation


I would be hesitant to let a toddler use the computer unsupervised... but there are some learning games they can benefit from with proper supervision! i also know the IAPD has great APPs for toddlers!


We don't even have an iPad, lol. We have our computers and games, ofc, but I don't let Nina play with them...apart from the fact that she's only One. I try to make a point of playing with Nina a lot, with her toys or with made-up games and silly noises or songs or games of chase, be it inside or outside. She'll probably learn how to use the computer relatively young, but she definitely won't be on it unless she needs to be, or it's a limited time. I've seen toddlers, too, all over the place who scream unless they get handed an iPad or phone or something, and I find it unacceptable. I've also seen parents who look like they're going to scream if their kid isn't completely distracted by technology, like they can't handle spending actual time with their children. Bothers me so much.


There are so many computer games for toddlers that teach lessons, from online preschool to sites like PBS.com that allow a toddler to learn while playing. I think that computer games are safe for toddlers, within reason. As with most things, a balance is a must. A toddler being in front of a computer screen too often for too long of a period of time could harm their vision, just like 3D games would not be a good idea at the toddler level for the ways it messes with vision.

With the world we live in being so technologically driven, it is important to have a toddler learn how to use a computer. Even at the kindergarten level schools have a technology class where they teach the children the basics, allowing your toddler to play educational computer games from this age forward increases their knowledge base for when they start school.

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Are computer games safe for toddlers?
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