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When did you know you were done conceiving children

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For me I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am done after this one. This pregnancy has been a rough one and I really don't want to go through it again. I plan on having my tubes tied when I deliver this baby. I just know that I am done. I am glad to have my babies...but we are done!


We had decided to be done after 2. I was done. I had 1 boy and 1 girl. My husband talked me into having 1 more. Definetly done now. lol. Got my tubes tied. No more babies for me. Pregnancy was the worst with my 3rd.


NOW with baby #3 i had to make a decision on being a SAHM or letting some else raise my children, and staying broke by paying another person to do my job as a mom!!!


We have eight and our children still ask for another. I think it's in most kids nature to want another sibling. I've said it before, but since our last child was born in 2010 we really haven't felt like we wanted anymore and that's a first for us. With all the others we were open to and wanted more. That's not saying we won't because we do not use birth control, except our version of natural family planning. I think only you know if you are done having children.


I only have 1 daughter and had her when I was 32. My husband and I tried for years and are so happy to have been blessed with our child. We tried for another child on our own with no results. At that point we told our families that when I turned 35 don't ask anymore b/c the answer is no, we are not having anymore kids. We are perfectly happy and so blessed with our daughter.


As soon as I knew I was pregnant with baby #3 I felt complete. Now that baby #3 is a week shy of 9mo and I've seen lots of other pregnant women I've decided I do want another child. My husband has repeatedly stated he is done having children and will be getting a vasectomy. I was able to convince him to wait with the procedure while I was pregnant with baby #3 by saying 'lets know for sure we are done. lets make sure this baby survives because I am NOT going to go through life always looking for another child. IVF is super expensive and not covered by insurance so lets just make sure we are done


Our decision to be one and done was due to choice and circumstances. I had a very difficult, complicated pregnancy with lots of medical issues. They affected me physically, of course, mentally and financially. I don't want to go through another pregnancy like that again. There's no guaranty it wouldn't be the same.

We're not rich by any means but we're financially comfortable enough where we're at with raising one child. To raise another would put a strain on our resources.

I also don't want to start over at this point. My son will be 9 years old next month. I'm in my 40s and my husband is in his 50s. The baby days are long past and will remain that way for us.

Our family of 3 is perfect for us and I don't ever want it to change.

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When did you know you were done conceiving children
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