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Dealing with nasal congestion in your baby

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Nasal congestion can be tough on babies . I always try and do everything I can to help and make them more comfortable . We us a bulb syringe and saline on Noah and have with the others as babies as well . I know there are some other great things out there that some of the mommas use to suction out babies nose . I always try and keep their head elevated a bit if I can when they are congested . it helps keep some of it at bay , I know when I am stuffed up it is way worse when I lay down . A steamy bathroom can help also . Lots of cuddles and push the fluids and remember , it wont last forever thank goodness !!!


Mason used to sneeze a TON. He was very congested as a baby. My doctors told me that c-section babies are more likely to sneeze in the beginning because the mucous isn't squished out of their nasal passage as they pass through the birth canal (since they don't pass through the birth canal!)


I have delt with nasal congestion in my babies. What I basically do is to close the bathroom door and let the hot water running as it will steam the whole room. It will open up their nostils a bit more so they can breathe better. There are several tips on how to keep their nostils from being congested is to keep the room cool by turning on the humidifier and put a bit of baby Vicks on their chest. Or you can use a nose sucker ( I forgot what those called) when you see their nose are filled with boogers and what not.

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Dealing with nasal congestion in your baby
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