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Constantly pregnant: What do you think of pregnancy addiction?

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I think it's a perfectly legitimate concern, pregnancy addiction. Someone can be addicted to most anything psychological, but children actually have a physiological impact when it comes to gratification. The smell from a baby's head has the same impact on a woman's brain as a drug would, just the way sex or chocolate does as well. You can also be dependent on, well, being depended on. Some women don't feel accomplished in their own lives and so live vicariously through their children. More children, more chances.

Then again, some women just want quite a few kids, and it is not necessarily an indicator of addiction and such should not be assumed.


I think I could have a case of pregnancy addiction. I have given birth to nine children and have had some back to back pregnancies but have some kids spaced a little further apart.


Pregnancy addition isn't for me. I do not judge those who are always pregnant because that's their life not mine.

If they want a dozen or more children, that is their business and no one else. I admire people who have a large family. It's a lot of work raising a couple of children, I couldn't imagine having more than 2-3 kids, so kudos to large families!

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Constantly pregnant: What do you think of pregnancy addiction?
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