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Constipation: natural cures for children

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Sometimes a little extra time does wonders for possible constipation, as not all little ones are as regular and that might be normal for them. Having a healthy diet might help cure this issue, as fiber is found in a lot of the foods we eat.


When your older child is constipated it can be miserable for them. One thing that I have suggested to my kids is to drink more water. It is definitely helpful and you can even add some fiber to the mix to help things move along. Also, if this seems to be a consistent issue you can not only keep pushing the water, but add a daily vitamin that has fiber added! There are vitamin childrens gummies like this, of even just add some metamucil to their water.


oh and I also have used white grape juice for constipation for the children

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Constipation: natural cures for children
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