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Dealing with disrespectful children effectively

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Ok.Now one thing i can't stand is a child that is disrespectful to any adult. Both of my kids have never been disrespectful and i am very grateful for that cause of the way my husband and i raised them. As a parent you need to draw the line and let them who is the boss and lay down the law and if they don't like it show them door, and let them leave with just the close on there back. There tune will change then.


One thing that I have always done with both children is to call out disrespectful behavior immediately. I may something like "I don't appreciate the way you spoke to me."

BUT, I try to offer a do over along with it so they can try again. So I would add to the comment something like "I need you to try again and speak in a nicer tone, please." to guide their behavior. The do over has proven to be very effective because they generally don't become defensive and they do as you ask to remedy the situation.


I think it all starts with setting an example first, as well as dealing with disrespect and teaching proper respect at an early age. I'm big in do-overs so if a child speaks disrespectfully he or she needs to say it again until it's done respectively.

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Dealing with disrespectful children effectively
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