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What are the best diaper rash creams

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Desitine caused an irritation on my son's skin. Someone suggested we use Vaseline. It worked great! However, he has only had diaper rash twice since he was born. I suppose we got lucky on that. :)


the only one i see have better result is DESITIN extra strength( the white and purple bottle) and now that i am using the Walmart brand and to be honest it works as well and is way cheaper it says that it's compare with desitin!


I usually keep a few different kinds on hand because I have found sometimes what works for one rash wont for the next but something else will . I always have A+ D , Aquaphor , and Desitin creamy . Bag balm is wonderful too , I haven't bought any yet with Noah but I am sure at one point I will . The nice thing about the Aquaphor and the A+D s you can use them for other things like dry skin , chapped lips or cheeks in the winter .


I used Desitin, Butt Paste and Burt's Bees.


My doctor prescribed me a anti fungal cream for them that you put on like diaper cream and them put diaper rash cream on top of it. It works really well. I would ask your pediatrician about it.

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What are the best diaper rash creams
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