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What are the chances of me having another girl?

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statistically, its 50/50 as a man will have 50% X and 50% Y sperm. However, there are instances when a woman may have strong girl genes. The woman may be naturally acidic, causing more trouble for the Y sperm, allowing the X sperm to thrive and more prone to producing girls. This could be hard to find out, unless the women in your family tend to make girls.


Some doctors recommend taking Robitussin to help thin out your mucous which will help to transport the semen.

sperm that makes girl swim faster missionary position 2-4 days before the big O day can increase your chances of a girl. Having a orgasm can help eliminate sperm such as male to give the female sperm a chance to swim


The statistical likelihood is actually more along the lines of 51 % boy, 49% girl. This also represents similiarly the birthing rate in the US. More boys than girls, but your chances still about 50/50.


Hope you get him too! But there's a 50-50 chance it will be a girl. ;)

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What are the chances of me having another girl?
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