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Homeschooling child with dyslexia: teaching reading tips

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In addition to visual processing skills, your child needs to have a good grasp on his/her auditory processing skills. This has to do with what the brain does with the sound it hears. This is the area I've had to work on most with my daughter who is dyslexic. Underdevelopment in this area makes phonics and phonemic awareness (pre-reading skills) extremely difficult for the child.


The best advice I can give here is to use something to block out the page where you aren't reading.

This helps them to focus, sometimes their eyes see all the letters and it becomes a big, ugly jumble in their head.

Also, it seems that books with less print per page and larger letters make it easier for kiddos who are learning to read. Their eyes process the letters better because there is less distraction in their sight.

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Homeschooling child with dyslexia: teaching reading tips
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