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Is finding out the sex of baby important

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Yes and no the suprise would be nice at the end but I wanted to get his room all ready and get clothes and all that kind of things. Since he was born on January 18, it was the coldest week of the year!!! There was no way we could take him out to Target to get the stuff we needed after he was here... I wanted to spend all the time at home with him I could not running around shopping when its below zero outside...


I didn't have any ultrasounds but I think it is NOT important to know at all- exciting and fun, yes! But not "important"


As most of you know I'm a young mom of two babies and expecting another. I find out the gender next week and I'm so excited.


I don't think I find it important- helpful and exciting maybe though. Helpful for when grandma wants to buy gender-specific clothes (I like neutrals) and exciting.. well just because you get to jump start thinking about all the fun future activities that they might be interested in.


I get excited when it's time to find out the gender. I haven't really noticed too much of a difference from pregnancy to pregnancy, there have been slight differences though between boy and girl, I noticed I carry lower with a girl.

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Is finding out the sex of baby important
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