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What to do if child has a fever of 104

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If a child has a fever of 104, many doctors won't be terribly concerned if the child is still acting like themselves, but I would call just in case. If the child is not acting like themselves, I would give them a fever reducer, cool them off with washcloths, and take them immediately to the doctor. That is not far from the temp. at which proteins denature which is very dangerous.


I don't have a number that I call the doctor. I gauge how my child is reacting. Makenzie spiked a 102 temp, and was still bouncing off the walls. Jasmine has done that at 104 though. I remember rushing Jasmine to the ER with a 104.5 fever when she was 18 months old.

As soon as I got her to take the temp, my little girl was rushed back to a room.


All of the pediatricians I've had for the kids (MN, IA, NC) have said they don't worry how high the temp goes. The time to worry is when the child stops acting like him or herself. Yes I've even clarified 104 and 105 temps and they firmly repeated as long as the child is acting normally there is no need to worry. With that said I personally would take my child in to be seen at 103 if Tylenol, peppermint oil and cool bath didn't help.

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What to do if child has a fever of 104
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