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Would you find out the sex of the baby before or after birth

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I would want to know as soon as possible. I'm an impatient person and having to wait for something so easily obtainable would KILL me. :)


I will want to know as soon as possible. When I finally get pregnant I don't care if it's a girl or boy as long as it's happy & healthy, but I do want to know so I can go baby shopping crazy. Now days it's so hard to find a lot of gender neutral baby things so I will want to know so I can buy everything under the sun. :)


I waited until after birth to know the gender, only because the pregnancy was hidden. But now that I went through 9 months of not knowing with my future pregnancy I think I'll wait to know the gender after birth. It's not so important to me as long as the baby is healthy. I already have my response to what I'll say if someone asks what I'm having. I'll simply say a baby LOL.


I am a fan of not finding out. The truth is that most of the time you and the father have a preference.

It is easy to be sad and disappointed there in the doctors office.

However if you wait, and they hand you your baby in the hospital and say it is a girl, it would be really hard to feel disappointed with a healthy baby in your arms, and if by chance your baby isn't healthy you are going to have so many other concerns and worries that you won't care if it is a boy or girl.


I always intended to find out the sex of my babies before birth. It's not because I really like lots of gender specific things so much as I am not often a fan of surprises. I'd like to know what I'm getting into and prepare for it.


I did all 6 times. I think if I were to have just one more I would wait. I only found out every other time because we had gotten rid of everything only to have to start over... This time I kept everything bc I just wasn't 100% sure I was done...

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Would you find out the sex of the baby before or after birth
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