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As I get older, more and more of my friends have babies, and it hurts my heart in unimaginable ways. I know that I'm working on it, I know it'll be okay and I'll have my baby soon, but it's hard.


Most of my friends have babies. Although my best friend and i seemed to have parted ways when my babies came...she just could not relate and I think she felt a bit jealous (but not sure) when my time was now devoted to little beings and not going out with her!


Though I have a few friends back on the east coast with whom I'm close who don't have children, most everyone else I am in contact with has at least one child.

Get pregnant, husband deploys, have baby, husband comes home, rinse, repeat.

I do have friends who have only one child though, and others with fertility issues who are either immersed in work or baby-sitting to try to help shake the baby urges.


I'm thinking about my future pregnancy and little bit scarry... Guess I'll be the first among my friends who is going to have baby.

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Do your friends have a baby?
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