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How often do grand moms help out with the kids?

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My mother she lives in P.A so she try to help as much as she can like taking my oldest to her house for a week or so, or come over and stay with us for a week or so!!! BUT my husband mother NOTHING she had mention to stay with them but when we try to pick up on it always something happens or she had plans already( meanwhile we ask weeks in advance or a month in advance)


My mother helps out with JJ a lot because we live with her still. She's always supported JJ and I. My father has never met JJ because she lives in Ontario CA. JJ's paternal grandparents "help" out with her once a month for one-two weeks. I'm very fortunate that both grandparents help out with her and support/love her.


This weekend my family is staying at my mom and dad's house where I grew up. Watching them play and talk with their grand kids (my babies) just melts my heart. I feel so lucky that both sets of grandparents are so involved with my kids' lives. As corny as it sounds, all I will ever need is family.


On my side, Brynlees grandmother has only met her once and based on that experience, will never see her again. As I am adopting my sister who she abused and starved. On Ashtons side they have two homes; on here in northern CA and one in Washington. Whenever they are in CA they come and see the kiddos and usually take them up to the farm.


My parents don't really help out with them. They prefer my son over the other children, and I don't like that, as it is very obvious, and leads to hurt feelings for the other kids.

My husband's mother would help if she was able, but we do see her about every Sunday afternoon and the kids all have a great relationship with her.

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How often do grand moms help out with the kids?
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