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Dealing with kids' friends as moms

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We have some close friends that have a son that's 3. And Andrew is fine with playing with him. But he does throw tantrums in public and I don't want my son picking up on that. I don't think he will because even if another child is crying or acting up. Andrew just looks at them like whats wrong with you.And goes the other way. I try to keep him a way from mean kids.But he doesn't get mad if other kids take his toy or anything. He just goes and plays with something else.


Making friends is something our kids are going to do and it's inevitable that we are not going to like at least one of them. My mom was always skeptical of my friends. All of them lol. Right now, as a toddler, my daughter doesn't understand the idea of friendship in its entirety but I do know that there are some kids who influence her more than others. I try to push for a good relationship with every child she meets but it's hard sometimes because not all kids are nice. At this age, I'm the one responsible for the "friends" she makes so I do what I can to encourage interaction with nicer children because I don't want her to pick up the habits of mean children. Once she's older, she'll have to be the one to decide who her friends are and what to do if they aren't exactly "nice" lol.


I always imagined I'd be the mom that when my kids came home saying someone hurt their feelings that would give out some wisdom about why they can do better and don't let it bother them... Kind of like a bird... Let the kid fly and fall a few times. It's not working out quite that way. I'm more like an angry lion mom, or a beat. Mess with my kid and I'll mess you up


My mom always welcomed our friends in our home (I have three younger sisters). My parents were very hospitable and we kind of had a revolving door of people in and out. I always wanted to be like that too but I fear we are too different for most as it never really happened, though we had neighborhood kids who came by that trickled away after awhile in our townhouse subdivision.


Her middle is a total nightmare and always has been..they'r eloud and disrespectful of my home and my kids toys and she sort of shrugs it off as though its MY fault that I don't have 3 rambunctious boyswhenever they leave I feel lie I've been in a war and my home is messy and my snacks are raided and she just watches it happen...

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Dealing with kids' friends as moms
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