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Hardest thing about being a mom?

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Trying to be the best mom with them, to not lose my patience, to make plenty of time for them, and to maintain a clean and organized home is the hardest part for me...also all the worries with my kids' health.


Having to work and leave my daughter most of the day. And having my elders tell you everything you do for your child is wrong. These makes me feel like a failure as a mother.


Not having enough money when you need more groceries or diapers.


The hardest thing for me is wondering what didn't get done. I am always on the move and always thinking that I didn't get something done.


Hardest thing for me was watching my daughter leaving the house and going off to college. We are so close as a family. My husband my daughter and son have been together since day one every where we went they went, so when she left 3 weeks ago it was hard fro me to let her go. Also as i know when that time is slowly coming when my son is going to do the same and not having my kids around is going to be hard for me. Because we do everything together.


The hardest things to me about being a mom is second guessing yourself. I've learned in 7 years of parent hood. That your first instinct regarding your child is usually the right one.

Another hard thing for me is not comparing her to how her bio mother was as a child (bio mom was a horrible child btw)

I'm really banking on Nurture over nature and teaching her to be a good person and to make good choices will win out over her bio mom's DNA.


You get pregnant, and you worry. And that worry never goes away. If you let yourself free-association worry, you'll worry all over the place about every little thing, things you never thought to worry about before you had kids. The worrying can get a little nuts for me.


The hardest thing that i experienced is when your child is sick and you don't have resources to buy medicine , or even brought your child to a doctor.It really broke my heart

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Hardest thing about being a mom?
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