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Do you want to have children later or earlier in life?

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I would prefer to have children later on in life, unless of course I were already financially stable, emotionally and physically ready for a child AND I know the baby's father won't chicken out on me or just up and leave me to be the single parent; having been raised by a single parent and having my birth mother as a complete stranger to me, that is my biggest fear and I'd rather not have that happen when I do someday become pregnant with my first child.


I wanted to have children earlier in life but I ended up having them later. I am actually glad that I am older. I feel so much more prepared than I would have in my twenties and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband is the person that I was meant to have kids with. So for me older was better.


Honestly I never thought of having children before I was pregnant because I was 15!! Now that I think of having more I know I have a long time to have more someday. I hope my next child will be in 10+ years. I'm still young (18) so it'd still be considered earlier in life.


I know it may sound ridiculous that I wanted children earlier in life but honestly I truly did. I can't explain why I did because honestly I don't have an answer. The only thing I can think of is that I wanted someone to love me like I do them.

It shouldn't matter the age you have your children if you can support them.

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Do you want to have children later or earlier in life?
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