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Reason for hand flapping in children with autism

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Hand flapping is a widely known image of autism, but it may not be as frequent and common as people think.. Hand flapping is a stim, or self-stimulation behavior. Autism is a very widely differing condition of being with greatly varying stims. Many people with autism don't stim, just as many people do.

Most of us have some form of stimming or another, autistic or not. Do you bounce your crossed leg when you're nervous? Wring your hands? Play with your hair? What about popping your knuckles?


Its called Stimming , its one of many coping mechanisms and calming self soothing ways to process whats going on or what went on , the flapping helps with calming down and slowing the thoughts down its self soothing.


A lot of people do stimming almost everyday like it you bit your nails or play with your hair or tap a pencil/pen over and over so really it is not just children with autism

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Reason for hand flapping in children with autism
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