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How to teach your baby to read

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As far as I'm aware, there's not a lot of benefit with your baby learning to “read” super early. It's mostly a parlor trick, albeit a really cool one. Nevertheless, if you're trying to make your baby smarter by teaching them to read very early in life, this is probably not going to make a big difference. Teaching them to speak in other languages might help so spending your time on Duolingo ( LOVE this free app... So much fun to learn this way, like a game!) might be more beneficial.


read to your baby every night from day one. Make it a fun habit and a fun family moment each day. From there, they will start to repeat the book, from memory. Eventually as they get older, they can sound out letters and read words - but it all starts with introduction through you reading to them and at baby ages - it's all memorizing in my opinion. My kids could read nearly any Dr Seuss book from a young age, but it was by memory 100%.


I don't like it because I think it is not very honest. It is not really teaching your baby to read it is teaching your baby to memorize. Studies show that early reading is not important when it come to developing good reading skills, most kids average out in their reading skills around the same age no matter how early they started or how good they are. I believe that it is more important to teach your child a love of learning and reading.

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How to teach your baby to read
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