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6 months pregnant: how many weeks can I get for maternity leave?

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it all depend in what company you work with how many employees ect. 8 weeks after the baby is born (normal birth) 12 weeks after baby born (cesarean) with pay some jobs will allow you a weeks or so without pay to comeback or in my case I work for the NYPD so after my 12 weeks ( due to cesarean) I am allow up to 4 yrs out of work no pay no benefits but still have a job before the 4 yr runs out! This is something you should start finding out as soon as you find out you pregnant I don't recommend to wait until the last minute!


I didn't have maternity leave. I stopped working when I was six months pregnant. I had money saved and we used COBRA to continue my medical insurance

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6 months pregnant: how many weeks can I get for maternity leave?
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