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I want a boy because...

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I want a boy because I think I will be better at raising a boy than a girl. I don't know that I can handle hysterics and I have very limited "feminine" interests. I won't know what exactly I should teach her, I think, because I find myself relating more to males. And, though I'm sure I could with a girl too, I can hopefully play in the dirt with a son! I'll take either one though.


I was not to concerned with my first I was just pleased I was pregnant. But with my second I wanted a boy because I already had a girl!


I always wanted a boy first.

I'm not a girly girl at all, so I didn't want to deal with frills and bows. I was always kinda worried that I'd deprive my daughter of her girly-ness because I don't really have much of it. I also had a really tough relationship with my mother growing up and I never learned what a healthy mother-daughter relationship should look like. I was worried I screw her up!

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I want a boy because...
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