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How much weight to gain during pregnancy

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I always have read and heard about 25-30 pounds is ideal. Enjoy your growing belly and don't worry about the weight. Pregnant women are beautiful especially when they glow.


I'm pretty sure the recommendations now are 25-35 lbs. However, when I was pregnant with Lucas, I gained 42 pounds!!! But he was also my first pregnancy and I only weight 120 at the time of conception. It depends n your starting weight as well. I'm a tiny little thing and needed those extra pounds! Hopefully with my second though, I won't gain as much haha. It also depends on if you're carrying one baby or multiples. I never specifically 'ate for two' either. I just ate healthy and ate whenever I was hungry. I didn't purposely eat because there was more to feed. I don't think that's a good idea and could lead to gaining more than necessary. You should gain enough to care for baby, but not too much! :)


This may depend on the mom's pre-pregnancy weight as to how much pregnancy weight gain is recommended by her doctor.

This will also depend on whether the mom is carrying a singleton (one baby) or multiples (twins, triplets or more).

I don't know what the current pregnancy weight recommendations are now. When I was pregnant with twins almost 9 years ago, I gained 34 lbs. total. I also had a boss a couple months further along pregnant with a singleton and she gained 32 lbs. Frankly, I was surprised I didn't gain more but I did lose 10 lbs. in my first trimester due to complications.

You'll want to gain enough weight to make sure the baby is healthy and strong enough when they're born but gaining too much weight could lead to a very large baby and it'll greatly affect your postpartum weight loss.

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How much weight to gain during pregnancy
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