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How often to bathe baby

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When we first brought Monroe home and after his umbilical cord fell off, it was every 2-3 days in the Winter.. That changed to every other day and finally to every night! Honestly, for us it helps keep Monroe in a routine that he gets used to bath, bottle, bed. It also comes in really handy if you need to miss a night due to being busy, you know he isn't really ever that dirty ;) As he gets older he is crawling more, drooling more and just more active.. We love bathtime nightly!


We usually give Noah a bath every other day . He doesn't usually need one every day unless he has been spitting up lot more than usual . Sometimes if he has gotten particularly messy while eating or maybe had a super leaky diaper or blow out he will end up getting one every day . He isn't usually in the bath for more than 10 or 15 minutes so I don't really worry about his skin drying out .


bath every other day as you wish but to be honest I don't think babies need bath every single day. It's up to your preference to bath them daily. I bath my boys every 2-3 days, sometimes 10 minutes bath can do the wonders. Or sponge bath is sufficient.

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How often to bathe baby
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