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How to treat diaper rash with Desitin

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I have many different diaper rash ointments because sometimes one will work and then the next time it wont . I really like the Desitin creamy , it is way easier to get off and it works well . The original Desitin is really thick and can be hard to get off but it really protects and heals the skin . Make sure the area is clean and dry and apply with each diaper change .


i use Desitin on my boys and it works lovely the better one In my opinion is the extra strength ( white and purple bottle)


Desitin made his rash spread, for some odd reason. We have not tried A&D yet, but we do use the A&D ointment for itches and cuts when we get them, and that stuff works great as well.


Yeah....there is a reason why original Desitin works so well to prevent diaper rash....IT WONT COME OFF!

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How to treat diaper rash with Desitin
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